Unlike other technologies that are currently operating on the market, Berra's investment goes forward continuous pyrolysis technology, i.e. a fully automated cycle, together with the automatic input of material (shredded tires) and the output of final products (rCB, Oil, Gas).

By investing in continuous pyrolysis, we eliminate the need to open reactors during the process, as is the case with intermittent pyrolysis, as a result of this difference, tightly closed reactors do not emit any pollutants into the air.



The continuous pyrolysis process is an innovative technology that allows to carry out the heat treatment of shredded tires in an automated cycle. The investment in the line aim for the purchase of a professional continuous pyrolysis line created and developed in cooperation with Polish scientists. It is a tailor-made innovative technology that meets the challenges of the current market.

The installation does not emit harmful substances into the air and has high fire safety standards. The line has a whole range of safeguards where all process parameters are constantly monitored and monitored continuously by trained operators and professional sensors. The line has a system of immediate interruption of the process in the event of disturbances that affect the safety or quality of manufactured products.

After production, the products are kept in specially designated tanks that meet stringent safety standards.

A very important ecological element of the investment is the total energy self-sufficiency of the continuous pyrolysis line - the installation is powered by gas produced during the process. What's more, gas will be used to minimize the company's environmental impact, enabling the production of its own electricity as well as providing hot water and heating for employees.